Formulaboxx is a technology based digital distribution platform. It helps independent filmmakers distribute their films to worldwide audiences via video on demand retailers like iTunes, Google Play, and Netflix. We manage all of the technical requirements, allowing you to focus on marketing your film and building a relationship with your audience.  We accept films in all languages from all over the world. Formulaboxx allows filmmakers to choose distribution retailers, choose their territories, set a launch date, and then submit their order. With Formulaboxx, filmmakers are in complete control of their distribution strategy.  Plus, Formulaboxx charges one low flat fee allowing filmmakers keep 100% of their revenue. Formulaboxx’s parent company, Metasapient, Inc. is one of the fastest growing high-tech media companies in the world.  So when you distribute your film through Formulaboxx, you’re working with an industry leader.

Windows of Films Distribution

Movie Theaters

  Screening your film at movie theaters can be classified as the first window in our list. why? because in

DVD/Blue Ray

  Many movies go directly here, the distributors don’t want to risk a release in cinemas because they are not


  Since the film has been released on DVD/Blue Ray, they give a timeframe in order to release on TV.


  This window is the newest and the most technological of all, this just showed up a few years ago

Formulaboxx is the independent distribution branch of Metasapient, Inc., which is one of the largest digital media, solutions and content servicing companies in the world. So what does that mean to you, the Formulaboxx client? Quite a lot actually …You get the Expertise, Experience, Scale, Technical Chops and Support capable of dealing with the largest content owners / creators in the world. Independent filmmakers get access to our expertise for a very cost effective price with easy to use process and tools designed just for Filmmakers.

VOD Distribution for Everyone

Sell Your Film on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play:

Formulaboxx provides film distribution to the world’s largest movie download and streaming retailers. Simply enter the details of your film into our online order system, and then upload all necessary assets. We’ll encode and package your film, then deliver it for sale on stores like iTunes and Amazon. With one flat-rate price, you can distribute your film worldwide with Formulaboxx.

Top Aggregator and Encoder:

Formulaboxx’s parent company, Metasapient, Inc. is one of the world’s top media services firms.  Metasapient, Inc. works with leading studios and distributors to encode and deliver content to global broadcasters and video-on-demand (VOD) providers.  Formulaboxx offers the same best-in-class delivery service for independent filmmakers. As a top aggregator, we have direct distribution deals with leading VOD retailers allowing us to distribute independent films through the existing contracts we have in place. Formulaboxx can help any filmmaker find an online audience.

Preferred by Leading Retailers:

Formulaboxx has preferred partner status with leading retailers like iTunes, Google Play, and Microsoft.  Formulaboxx’s reputation and experience allow you to save time, save money, and prevent frustrating delays so you can launch your film on-time.